About us

EZAIZAI LLC is a locally owned family business in Scottsdale Arizona USA.

If you check out our Branded Boards SHOP you will see we strive to provide quality products for Indoor/Outdoor recreation, sports, fitness, bushcraft, camping, hunting, fishing, prepping, survival & emergencies.

The "Branded Boards" trademark came from our first Made in USA product, the "Surf Style Balance Board". We hand brand each board, with a good old fashion branding iron, so no two boards are identical. That's how we came up with the name "Branded Boards". 

We love getting outdoors, camping, hiking, hunting & fishing and we love trying new ideas and testing products. Some of the best product ideas have come from sitting around a campfire and talking about new ways to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. 

Check out our latest product, the Portable Campfire in a Can. We hope people will use this product as an excuse to go camping and have a great bonfire in the woods or on the beach or just roast marshmallows or s'mores in the backyard. 

Take care and Happy Hunting, Camping, Hiking or Fishing!